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Our building came into life as ‘St Gluvias Church Hall’ in 1964. It was a basic, functional structure with nothing out of the ordinary for the time. The windows, for example, were Crittall, metal-framed, single-glazed. The roof was corrugated asbestos-cement – typical of many a low-cost, non-residential building of that time.

The building now needs major work done to make it ‘sustainable’ and to make it fully ‘accessible’, in keeping with today’s standards.

This page describes the various building projects that are being developed and gives links to the ones that have been completed.

Kitchen refurbishment and storage for frozen food

An enthusiastic group is driving a food-waste prevention project. We have installed two ‘pre-loved’ freezers on the lower floor and supplied them with electricity. These will store surplus useable food to provide meals in the Hall and elsewhere. [more]


  • Penryn Town Council have generously funded a new cooker which has been installed;
  • A kitchen redesign has been done and costed.
  • A grant application has been sent off – and we are hopeful!

Step-free access

This project will gives us a sloping pathway to connect the car parking area to the main entrance as well as linking the lower exit and the Peace and Sensory Garden at the far side of the Hall.

Estimated cost: £22,000
Donations page.

Toilet area refurbishment

This will give us a proper disabled toilet. The existing two toilets will also be totally refurbished with new WCs, basins, flooring and hot water.

Also included is a separate storage area for the servicing needs of the building.

Estimated cost: £11,000
Donations page.

These two projects are being submitted together as an ‘access project’ and are the subject of a grant application.

Completed projects

The works we’ve done since 2013 make a good list:

  • Most recently – the most substantial yet – a new, insulated roof and solar pv
  • Electrical work, including low-energy lighting.
  • Fire Alarm installed.
  • Gutters, down-pipes, facias and soffits replaced.
  • A new flat roof, with insulation.
  • The cavity wall has been insulated to improve energy efficiency.
  • Automatic lighting has been installed for the footpath from West Street.
  • Thanks to Cory Environmental Trust for the grant, we’ve installed double-glazed UPVC windows throughout and an external door. These replaced the original metal-framed, single-glazed windows.
  • A fresh coat of paint in the main areas, thanks to a team of volunteers.

And, in the garden area …

  • the old electricity sub-station has been made into a useful shed, giving secure storage of tools, etc, rain cover for gardeners and an occasional food-serving area for al fresco celebratory meals.

In all, about £55,000 has already passed through our books to fund these completed works, including Cory Environmental Trust’s grant of around £4,350 for the windows; donations of £43,500 for the roof and new guttering; and a loan of £12,500 from the Diocese of Truro to enable the Solar PV.  Also, more than £6,000 towards the cost of these projects has come from routine hire of the Hall and letting of the car parking spaces. Thank you all!

All in all, the Hall Management Group has not been idle!

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By the way, our energy is provided by Good Energy – 100% renewable