St Gluvias Community Hall is the Church Hall of the Parish of St Gluvias with Penryn.
The main parish website is at www.stgluvias.org.uk
This site simply serves the people who use – or might use – the Hall.

Our Vision and Mission
St Gluvias Community Hall is a place for the whole community to connect and reconnect and to grow in mutual trust, resilience and hope to meet a changed future, together.
We will work towards this vision in a Mission to encourage use and develop the Hall and its grounds. The way we will do this Mission is to involve all who have a heart for the vision by transforming the Hall with works to better fit the needs of all who would use it.

PCC Resolution
The Hall is managed by the Hall Management Committee which is a committee of the Parochial Church Council (PCC). On 25 February 2014, the PCC passed an enabling Resolution:

“This PCC commits to further develop the Hall as a continuing centre for the Church’s mission and work in worship and social justice in the community, modelling good ecology and addressing energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, land use and recycling; provided that it does not become a drain on church finances.”

This resolution was proposed, with an amendment (italicised) by Mr John Hodge and seconded by Dr David Eyre. It passed unanimously. This resolution is the foundation for all current use of the Hall and its surrounding grounds and car parking area.

For detail about how this is worked out on a day-to-day basis, see Governance.

Our energy is provided by Good Energy – 100% renewable

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