St.Gluvias Hall is here to serve the people of Penryn and neighbouring communities.

St Gluvias Community Hall is the Church Hall of the Parish of St Gluvias with Penryn.
The main parish website is at www.stgluvias.org.uk
This site simply serves the people who use – or might use – the Hall.

This website lays out our vision, aims and the purposes of the Hall – see About – as well as the Hall’s Facilities and our Garden, tended by an intrepid team of volunteers.

It also describes how to find the Hall – see Location.

Under Bookings, you can find out if the Hall is free for a booking, how to make a booking and where to find the terms that cover all use (in Terms & Conditions of Use!)  To make contact for a booking or any other reason, see Contacts.

Finally, you will find all the small print – information about how the Hall is managed. Go to Governance for all this!

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