Bookings & Covid-19

Like every organisation, we cannot avoid having to put up something about Covid-19.

Please read this page before making your booking here in the usual way.


The Hall has not been formally closed as a venue throughout the pandemic. However, those who are booking must be satisfied that they can do so safely and within the currently prevailing national and local constraints.

Such use however brings unavoidable risk to any person.

We ask that you minimise known risks to yourself and others by:

1) Following relevant and applicable national and local government directions for your particular usage;

2) Taking full responsibility for your whole group’s safety in use during your session of all areas, facilities and surfaces that you use throughout the entire Hall and its boundary;

3) Maintaining ‘social distancing’ as applicable for each individual;

4) Using Personal Protective Equipment as applicable for each individual;

5) Hand washing as required by national guidance;

6) Instructing your group on what you require of them during your session/s.

In brief:

  • Please book and use the Hall using the normal procedure.
  • Do so at your own risk.
  • Recognise that the risk of cross-infection remains real and act accordingly.

All bookings – for old and new – will receive this document and be asked to sign:
I accept and agree to follow these constraints for my booking/s as detailed in my application:


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