Hire Fees for Hall use and licensed Parking

We find it necessary to increase our fees for hall hire and for leased car parking spaces with effect from 1st February 2022.

The new tariffs retain the preferential charges for community organisations and introduce a new category for corporate/business hirers.

Available booking hours for hall usage are 7.00am -11.00pm daily.

Within this availability all bookings are subject to a minimum booking period of 1 hour. Further use is charged in units of 1 hour.

Every hall booking requires a completed and confirmed Booking Form.
Use of parking requires – in advance – a completed and signed Lease Form.

Terms and Conditions apply to Hall Hire and to Licensed use of the Parking places.

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Hall hire:
community organisation
and private party
One hour only: Hire fee £7.50
Continuous booking up to 5 hours: £6 per hour: e.g. 5hrs: £30 total
Continuous booking for 6, 7 or 8 hours: £5 each additional hour: e.g. 7 hours: £30 plus 2 x £5 = £40 total
e.g. 8 hours: £30 plus 3 x £5 = £45 total Continuous booking for 9 – 15 hours: £3 each additional hour:
e.g. 12 hours: £45 plus 4 x £3 = £57 total
Hall hire:
corporate/business entity
One hour only: Hire fee £12.50
Continuous booking up to 5 hours: £10 per hour
e.g. Booking of 5 hours: £60.00 total
Continuous booking for 6 – 15 hours: £10 each hour:
e.g. 6 hours: 6 x £10 = £60 total
e.g. 12 hours: 12 x £10 = £120 total
Parking (H1 – H4):
private individual
Per licensed parking space: £60/month by standing order, paid in advance. The minimum period of hire agreement is twelve months. (Note all available licensed spaces are currently taken).
Parking (H5 – H10):
corporate/business entity
Per licensed parking space: £90/month, invoiced and paid in advance. The minimum period of hire is one month.
(Note: these spaces are available only at the convenience of hall usage which takes priority).
Office (lower floor)Bookable at the discretion of the Bookings Secretary
Fees from 1st February 2022

The Bookings Secretary has total discretion on all matters of category and availability.

This category and structure for fees was confirmed by the Hall Management Group at its meeting on 19 January 2022.

Richard Hopper
Hall Treasurer