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Fayre Share pop-up ‘PAYF’ Cafe

This Café will be run by Andrew Terris and Josie Mitchell with volunteers from the local community.  We will start by hosting a pop-up cafe in the Hall. This could happen one day/ evening every week.

The project involves obtaining food from local companies who have a surplus that would otherwise end up in landfill.  A lot of food that is fit for human consumption ends up in landfill at present, simply because mistakes are made during the production process with labelling and packaging, or the goods may have incurred minor damage.

At the cafe we would create meals for the local community from this surplus food.
We would not charge a set price for the food, as the main aim of the project is not profit, but helping to eliminate food waste, at the same time as bringing the community together. We hope to reach a broad spectrum of people, including those who are experiencing food poverty.

Instead of a set price, we would run the cafe on a ‘Pay As You Feel’ (PAYF) basis. Customers can give what they feel the meal is worth, or what they can afford, or offer to wash-up or volunteer some time to the project.

We will be approaching local companies to tell them about the project and ask for their food surplus to be donated to the cafe. One organisation has already approached us:
Devon and Cornwall Food Association have offered to deliver frozen food to us every 2 weeks. Which links with the Food Hub

‘Penryn Food Hub’
As you may know, many people in our local area are experiencing financial hardship. Individuals, families and also students are among them. We have put a couple of chest freezers in the storage area at the back of the hall, so that we can take delivery of surplus frozen food every 2 weeks from Devon and Cornwall Food Association. It will be stored here for use in the Fayre Share Cafe, as well as being redistributed to various community projects in the area where there is a need. The Students Union at Tremough Campus have expressed an interest in taking food to distribute to the growing number of students they come across who are experiencing poverty.

Contacts:  Andrew Terris and Josie Mitchell

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