Path, Toilets and Kitchen

Step-free Pathway

Dramatic earthworks marked the start of work to provide the step-free access, the lack of which has been the bane of our lives since regeneration of the Hall as a community asset started in 2012.

This work is contracted to Marnick Builders following competitive tendering.

The sewer that was in the way of the path has now been moved and the work to create the path has restarted.

We are very appreciative of the substantial grant by SITA Cornwall Trust, supplemented by a grant from The Bernard Sunley Foundation. These are enabling us to undertake the substantial ‘Access Project’ – toilets and pathway. The latter started on 24 April 2017.

Toilets finished

More humdrum, but very appreciable, the new toilets represent a key milestone in being able to meet the needs of disabled. This refurbishment has created a services room that will enable a tidier managment of the needs of servicing the hall.

We are very appreciative of the substantial grant by SITA Cornwall Trust that has enabled us to undertake the ‘Access Project’ – toilets and pathway.

The Toilet Area Refurbishment project was contracted to IH Builders of Manaccan following competitive tendering. Work is now complete at the end of April 2017.

Kitchen finished

We now, following an official inspection, meet regulations for the sustained provision of meals to the highest standards. Five stars will soon be on display. Work was completed – apart from a special door – at the end of January 2017.

We are deeply appreciative to the National Lottery’s ‘Awards for All’ scheme for the grant of almost £7,000 which made this possible. The work was done by a sries of contractors under our overall direction.

New Roof and Solar PV

At the end of September 2016, the new roof started to keep us cosy and the solar pv started generating clean  power as well as income from the government FIT scheme.

This is where we started – with the old roof, 1963 vintage:
The old roof - ripe for replacement and solar panels





Come the planned start date, the weather was consistently clement but various things conspired to cause a later start on the roof replacement than planned. However, on Wednesday 14th September, removal began. Quite soon, the first side was covered:

First side of the roof covered
First side of the roof covered
Part way through the 2nd side
Part way through the 2nd side





Part way through the second surface, we can see roof void and timber purlins slotted into the steel beams forming each roof truss. This void – including the inaccessible sections – was carefully cleaned section by section.

Just three days later, by Friday evening, the new surface was on and the roof water-tight. Further work on Monday completed the roof. (Guttering had to wait – we wanted to cut costs by re-using the  old, but that wouldn’t work. So we were late ordering guttering to match the roofing).

Next, the solar installation that began on Wednesday and was complete by Thursday evening.

First section of the solar array - 30 panels
First section of the solar
array – 30 panels
Starting work on the flat roof
Starting work on the flat roof array
Second section of the solar array – 5 panels
The Solar Edge inverter & switch-gear
The Solar Edge inverter & switch-gear
Job done! Neil Farringdon (Community Power Cornwall) and Mark Smith (ZLC Energy) after inspection and ready to register
















Registration for Feed-in-Tariff was completed on Monday September 26th by Neil Farringdon of Community Power Cornwall with two days clear before the guillotine fell and the tariff – secured by pre-registration in Sept 2015 as a community scheme – would have lapsed to its current low level.

Technical stuff:
Roof surface: Rhino 100m insulation clad between corrugated metal panels.
Contractor: IH Builders, Manaccan

Solar PV: Capacity: 9.8kWp, comprised of 35 panels each rated at 280W with built-in Solar Edge power optimisers.  Inverter: Solar Edge
Contractor: ZLC Energy Ltd, Mabe and St Austell

Pre-registration and registration: Community Power Cornwall
Energy supplier: Good Energy Ltd
FIT registrant: Good Energy Ltd

Roof: funded entirely by donations
Solar PV:  funded predominantly by loan, courtesy of the Anglican Diocese of Truro, supplemented by donation to upgrade with power optimisers.