Hall Facilities

The Hall was opened in 1963 and is situated near the centre of Penryn, hidden behind the houses on the north side of West Street and the residential development of Calver Close.

One enters the building via an entrance hall which gives access to Kitchen, Cloakrooms and the main Hall. These are separately described.

Emergency Exits

The main entrance is also the main emergency exit.
A second emergency exit is accessed through the main Hall and down stairs to the lower level.


We provide this equipment:

  • Electric cooker with three-ring hob; grill and oven under;
  • a small Fridge;
  • a small Microwave oven;
  • a single-bowl Sink with hot and cold water
  • Crockery and some cutlery in cupboards and drawers.

All articles in the kitchen are there for the use of all.

A serving hatch connects the kitchen to the main hall.


The Ladies cloakroom area has one WC cubicle and a separate washbasin in a larger area for coats.

The Gents cloakroom area has one WC cubicle and a separate washbasin in a small area for coats. The Electricity Cupboard and cleaning materials cupboard are located in this area. The heating control switches and Timer are located in this Cupboard. Instructions are provided there.

There is presently no disabled toilet. A project to provide one is awaiting funding.

Main Hall

The main hall is well lit by daylight from new double-glazed windows on three sides. The stage is on the fourth side. Eight, ceiling-mounted flourescent-tube lights provide strong lighting by night.

The floor is a ‘sprung’ wooden-planked floor with a clear area of about 13m x 7m (42ft x 23ft). Care needs to be taken with bare feet as this surface is the original: it has never been sealed.

Heating is by six wall-mounted electric radiant heaters, located well above head height, controlled by a push-button timer in the Electrical Cupboard (see ‘Cloakrooms, Gents’ above).


We provide some furniture:

  • about 40 dark grey plastic chairs, stackable
  • 3 large, plastic-topped tables with folding legs, (1.8m x 0.8m)
  • 1 plastic-topped, fixed-leg table, 2.5m x 0.75m
  • 1 substantial wooden table, 2.5m x 0.6m
  • 12 square plastic-topped tables, (0.8m x 0.8m) stackable.


A conventional curtained stage with proscenium arch 4.7m (15ft) wide and 2.8m (9ft) deep.
This typically, at present, is used to store various artefacts. But it can be used.  There is no production stage lighting apart from houselights.

‘Back-stage’ and access

Two stair-ways, one from each side of the stage floor, lead down to the lower floor, with ‘green room’ in the form of two open rooms with a folding divider.

These stairways and the passage-way between them are exit routes to the lower, single, emergency exit doorway.

Both the stairways and the passage-way must be kept completely clear at all times.


Storage for groups which regularly use the Hall is extremely limited.

Fire-safe items may be stored under-stage . This is kept locked and is not generally accessible – for fire safety reasons.

By the way, our energy is provided by Good Energy – 100% renewable