We’re very conscious of our energy use – there is no mains gas supply and electricity is expensive. We switched to Good Energy some while ago on ethical gtounds – its energy is 100% renewable. So our energy footprint is close to zero. But not our costs.

This page fleshes out what we’ve done to improve energy efficiency and clean generation.. what we’re hoping for… and what may yet be done if we receive support for our M&S Community Energy Fund bid… and (failing that) when funds permit.

Energy efficiency

The cavity walls have been filled with mineral fibre.
All the windows are double-glazed.
The profiled steel-skinned roof contains 100mm of high-efficiency insulation.

All this has (roughly) halved our energy use – but not our costs, because tariffs keep rising (even from Good Energy).

So we have a strategy running in parallel for local generation and storage…

Energy generation & storage

Solar pv
In September 2016, just before the government’s cuts to community tariff took effect, we installed and commissioned 9.8kWp of solar pv. The tariff is good. But storage will help us get more local benefit.

Battery storage – competition page
We are through to the second round of this year’s M&S Community Energy Fund which offers £300,000 (nationally) to support renewable energy projects and technologies across the UK.

We are hoping for £8,000 towards the cost of a battery storage system that will bring down massively the grid usage of our day-tariff usage for lighting, cooking and general purposes. We need votes to win!

That grant will need to be topped up by another £2,500 to meet the full project costs which include an energy generation/storage/usage display for the entrance lobby. Our Donations page gives details for giving to this project. Any excess will roll onto the next project …

Renewable heating
To achieve savings on heating we will need to replace our existing system with a renewable one. An air-source heat pump is the preferred option. This would send heated water to new radiators.

At the moment, this project is not approved ans it is not funded. But its prime benefit will be to further reduce our energy usage and costs. And to get best the financial benefit we must to implement the project before the government withdraws the renewable heat incentive.