The Calendar below shows all confirmed and provisional bookings for the Hall.

But first a note for celebration.. and an ‘Ask’:
The Step-Free Access Pathway, is now finished – and being well-appreciated!
However, the unexpected work to move a sewer out of the way of the path has left us a bit short – we need to find around £1,000 to top up the generous grants and donations already received and claear the shortfall.
If you can help, the  Donations page says how to give. Thank you!

FEES – from 1st August 2017
As announced, Hall fees have been held at 2016 rates until the step-free access path is completed.
The planned increase will now be applied to Hall fees from 1st August.  – In summary, the session rate is increased to £15. Other rates are (roughly) pro rata.


  1. Check the Calendar below to confirm the time slot you want to book is free for all the sessions you plan
  2. Complete a Booking Form, using either the printable PDF or the editable DOC for emailing.

To enquire about a booking, or to change a booking, contact Annie Jones by email or telephone: details on the Contact page.

Having booked, useful information for all users with a location map is available to download here.

Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings, whether regular or occasional.
Printable Terms and Conditions are appended to the Booking Form.
Note that the current version, applicable from 28th July 2017 , is V3.5.