The Calendar below shows all confirmed and provisional bookings for the Hall.

Hall Floor
From Saturday 17th February 2018, visitors to the hall will notice that the floor has been sanded and treated with eco-friendly Osmo oil. It was our hope that this would seal the floor against the risk of splinters. However, splinters have been reported since.
So, be aware that if you go barefoot, the floor is natural wood, approximately 55 years old and may, even in its refurbished state, cause splinters!

FEES – from 1st January 2018
Hall fees will be held at the rates set on 1st August 2017 for 2018.
In summary, the session rate is increased to £15. Other rates are (roughly) pro rata.


  1. Check the Calendar below to confirm the time slot you want to book is free for all the sessions you plan
  2. Complete a Booking Form, using either the printable PDF or the editable DOC for emailing.

To enquire about a booking, or to change a booking, contact Annie Jones by email or telephone: details on the Contact page.

Having booked, useful information for all users with a location map is available to download here.

Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings, whether regular or occasional.
Printable Terms and Conditions are appended to the Booking Form.
Note that the current version, applicable from 28th July 2017 , is V3.5.